Why AtheistBible.net is needed now.
(A partial list)

• George W. Bush's push to mix religion into politics and national policy.
• Gen.Rumsfeld
• Paul Wolfowitz
• The whole current crop of hard core hard right activist Christians who have the nerve to try and commandeer such deceptive terms as "moral majority" when they're neither.
• The assault on the U.S. Constitution's separation of church and state
• The attempts of Christians in the U.S. to hijack the U.S. Constitution
• Anne Coulter
• Al Qaida
• The Taliban
• The War in Iraq
• The Mullahs in Iran
• North Korea under Kim Jong Il
• The assassination in the Netherlands of the outspoken Theo van Gogh, related to the famous painter Vincent van Gogh
• 9/11
• The rise in fundamentalist religions around the entire world.
• The increasingly intolerant attitudes in the people in many countries around the world.
• Sexually abusive priests who used the cloak of church to further their deviancy and hide their contemptible predations on children
• The London Underground Muslim extremist attacks
• The numerous recent Bali Muslim extremist attacks
• All the other outrageous attacks around The World on innocent persons by religious zealots
• The chador, the abeyiah
• And just because it's time that atheists came together as a responsible and organized group seeking a role in the world, just as many religions do

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