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Not that we atheists believe in a god, but what kind of disreputable god would take in mass murderers of innocents anyway? As for the puerile notion that innocent victims would forgive them in heaven, even if asked by god him- or her- or itself (which is apparently what they're told), forget it, we certainly wouldn't.

A Thoroughly Awful Person
"Suspected" child-molester Joseph Duncan, recently caught in Idaho, U.S.A., charged with kidnaping and who apparently repeatedly sexually assaulted the 8-year-old girl with him, also a suspect in the horrific murder of her family, wrote a blog entry in April which claimed that God had shown him the "right choice" but his demons had him "tied to a spit" and the fire had already been lit.

So much for being a believer. Atheists can't shift responsibility onto imaginary evil creatures for such outrageous and disgusting behavior! Does belief in God mitigate the need for restraining your raging libido and p…ing on the rights and humanity of helpless children? The truth is, anyone who would do such a thing is vermin that should not be let free ever again to prey on society's most vulnerable members, our children, let's hope the courts have the sense to deal out appropriate justice. There is a possibility he has committed other kidnaps and murders of little children. Finally, another sick coward hopefully gets his comeuppance.

London Bombings — Another Round — it was a total failure (strike one for the good guys).
Can you believe the venality of them, trying it again on July 21? To do this so soon after their previous strike, they must have been totally bummed that the Brits weren't all laying down before idols of Osama in craven fear. Then you learn of these groups rushing to claim responsibility, how outrageous and queer to actually be PROUD of being thugs who subscribe to the indiscriminate murder of innocents! My understanding of the Koran makes no excuses for such murder.

What rational free person do you know who would WANT to live in a regime or society governed by people like them? Imagine it, living under a repressive religious police state, subject to the whims of semi-crazed zealot mullah rulers with their dirty looking beards and twisted, perverted views of how life is supposed to be lived (no joy for women allowed, probably against their religion. Except of course to be married off while still children, then turned into slaves to their husbands, living in light-sucking dehumanizing abeyas forced to be like mobile black holes in the landscape any time they venture out, with no life of their own other than through their self-centered husbands who are so weak they can't curb their impulses and must not see uncovered women other than their own family).

We read that the suicide bombers are often told they will go straight to (their version of) heaven and have some large number of virgins awaiting them. Of course, there are no guarantees as to the desirability of the virgins, maybe they're all spiteful old hags, too ugly & diseased to be anything less than repulsive to any normal person, perhaps the bombers would be absolutely required to constantly have the dirtiest sex with all of them all the time and get whipped and tormented for failing to keep all of these virgins blissfully happy. Now that sounds to us like a suitable reward!

It's time for decent Muslims out there to come together and help snuff out this aberration of what their own faith has generated, if only to protect the name of their own faith. Not every Muslim agrees that their faith is wholly inculpable anyway.

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ying to destroy what they envy or fear or don’t agree with, which is in general everythin

ying to destroy what they envy or fear or don’t agree with, which is in general everythin

ying to destroy what they envy or fear or don’t agree with, which is in general everythin


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