Plenty of fine science fiction books by early masters have already explored this with some interesting perspectives. Many also bravely leap into the question of whether such a machine would itself develop spirituality (again back to the religious model, as in, god created us, we created the conscious machines, they would see us as we see god). Examples: Isaac Asimov’s “I, Robot” series; “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” by Philip K. Dick, on which the film “Blade Runner” was based; the character ‘Data’ in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” who agonized over trying to behave in a human way and cultivate and cope with ethical concepts which are wrapped up in and part of human spirituality and morality.

Even Sci Fi channel’s past series “Farscape” (where our space traveling heroes traveled inside a living whale-like creature that swam the “seas” of outer space) incorporated that as a side theme, also Sci Fi’s modern take on Battlestar Galactica where the manmade beings turn against their imperfect creators because of their imperfection, and yet contemplate their own spirituality and a place in eternity.

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