With this mystery still on our hands, into the mixer comes another recent book on consciousness called “Seeing Red”  by Nicholas Humphrey, who sees things in Nietzschean terms of consciousness being a “net of communication between beings.”

Mr. Humphrey’s way of explaining it is that in order for there to be consciousness there has to be something outside of us, in the world of things, living and nonliving, to generate a response. AtheistBible.net doesn’t find that a tenable position though, it harks back to the dopey question about if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it fall, did it really make a sound.  Answer: Hell Yes it does!

Just because a set of human ears were not present does not mean the noise didn’t happen and the sound waves have other effects upon things around it, as sound is capable of doing. Such arguments are not about fact and reality, they are about nitpicking terminology and mind games (of course, without consciousness, there wouldn’t be any mind games either)!

Humphrey’s thesis would have us devoid of any inner life, it would eliminate the ability of the brain to formulate totally new ideas and create new things because it would depend solely on things outside of us already in existence.  It would completely rule out any possibility of consciousness in a fully grown fetus inside the womb.  It would mean that anyone suspended in a darkened zero gravity tank in total darkness with plugged ears and nostrils fed air through a tube would not have any inner mental activities, when in fact such circumstances may create an explosion of them.

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