STILL, this sorry attempt to hijack the whole debate caused a deja vu moment of how early Christians brilliantly (or else just stumbled onto the strategy by fortuitous accident) hijacked pagan and other-religion customs and substituted Christian meanings when they could not divorce a populace from its beloved ceremonies and fabulous traditions. What better way to convert than by stealth, incorporating and renaming and imbuing the older festivals and lore with new names and meaning, so that over time they were subverted into Christian lore.

(Most ordinary worshipers are totally clueless to where their holiest traditions originated. For example, the winter solstice, late December in our modern calendars: Long before Christianity, almost every prehistoric culture in Earth’s northern hemisphere celebrated around that time, and why not? Without knowing the true movements of the bodies in our solar system and the nature of the universe, they had only their observations and the best beliefs they could invent to explain the phenomenon of their life-giving sun reversing its frightening daily shortened march down to the horizon, the sign that winter would recede and summer come again, and food plants grow and game foods that had followed the sun return. For Christianity, though, the celebrations were nothing less than a perfect opportunity to peg this auspicious time to the birth of Christ, which some serious students of the Bible believe to have been closer to March or April or May in our modern calendars.)

But here they go again, trying to control and hijack every scientific finding in case we might discover their God is just a manmade construct that fulfills so many needs without the inconvenience of scientific proof, inventing self-serving answers for their religion. Desires and needs can spur theory and invention, but if they don’t hold up when tested, it isn’t truth, it is only a belief. The various current religious creeds are as lacking in proof as the legends they displaced or absorbed.

They are mere beliefs.

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