In a book by (Dr.) Susan Clancy - “Abducted: How People Come to Believe They Were Kidnapped by Aliens,” we find out that these individuals seem totally normal in almost every other respect in their lives and are sometimes otherwise smart and logical, but they stand out among Americans for being unable to think scientifically.

They are also unusually prone to false memories.  By misinterpreting dreams, the normal condition of sleep paralysis, or ideas that came to them while under hypnosis, etc., they come up with the notion of being abducted by aliens, something which for them fulfills the universal human need to find meaning and purpose in life, at the same time reassuring them of their own significance (you could consider it an allegory for religious myths, being specially chosen by a god-like alien being and possibly undergoing procedures which result in and explain personal oddities or quirks of behavior).

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